Sophos XGS 136w

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Wireless Specification (XGS 136w only)
No. of antennas 3 external
MIMO capabilities 3 x 3:3
Wireless interface Wi-Fi 5/802.11a/b/g/n/ac
(2.4 GHz / 5 GHz)
Optional 2nd Wi-Fi Module Wi-Fi 5/802.11a/b/g/n/ac

Physical interfaces
(local quarantine/logs)
Integrated 64 GB SSD
Ethernet interfaces (fixed) 12 x GbE copper
2 x SFP fiber*
10 x GbE copper
2 x 2.5 GbE copper
2 x SFP fiber*
Power-over-Ethernet (fixed) 2 x GbE
(30W max. per port)
2 x 2.5 GbE
(30W max. per port)
Management ports 1 x COM RJ45
1 x Micro-USB (cable incl.)
Other I/O ports 1 x USB 2.0 (front)
1 x USB 3.0 (rear)
Number of expansion slots 1
Optional add-on connectivity SFP DSL module (VDSL2)
3G/4G module
Second Wi-Fi radio
(XGS 126w/136w only)
SFP transceivers

Physical specifications
Mounting Rackmount kit available
(to be ordered separately)
Width x Height x Depth
320 x 44 x 213 mm
Weight 2.4 kg/5.29 lbs (unpacked)
4.4 kg/9.70 lbs (packed)
(w-model minimally higher)

Power supply External auto-ranging AC-DC
100-240VAC, 2.5A@50-60 Hz
12VDC, 12.5A, 150W
Optional second redundant power supply
Power consumption 126/136: 30 W/102 BTU/hr (idle)
126w/136w: 32 W/109 BTU/hr (idle)
126: 59 W/202 BTU/hr (max.)
126w/136: 62 W/212 BTU/hr (max.)
136w: 65 W/222 BTU/hr (max.)
PoE addition enabled 76 W/260 BTU/hr (max.)
Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C (operating)
-20°C to +70°C (storage)
Humidity 10% to 90%, non-condensing

Product Certifications
Certifications CB, CE, UL, FCC, ISED, VCCI,
CCC, KC, BSMI, NOM, Anatel


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